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The Propur water filter is designed to be a countertop water filter. It is something that you can use in your home, office or cabin.ProPur Berkey Looking Water Filter System

It’s also portable enough so you can use for outdoor activities and even in unexpected emergencies.

This is a powerful water filter system that is on par with the Berkey and Aquarain. The Propur is capable of purifying and treat raw water from sources that include remote lakes, streams and even standing ponds.

The result is that you can use it to filter water supplies in foreign countries. Especially in places where water regulations are inadequate.

The effectiveness and portability makes the Propur also perfect for outdoor activities. You can also use it in harsh environments where power or sufficient water pressure is available.Berkey with 2 Filters

The cost and availability of the replacement filters mean that you will get all of this for just a few cents a day.

Benefits of the Propur water filter is that it purifies water so that it’s remarkably clean and healthy because it eliminates more contaminants than other basic brands. However, despite the fact that it filters out everything from your water, it also continues to retain all the beneficial minerals in your water.

This article is a quick review of the Propour water filter and I will let you know if all of these manufacturer claims stack up. I’ll also compare it to it’s main competitor, which is Berkey and do a Propur water filter vs Berkey water filter table.

Propur Countertop Water Filter Review

Getting a Propur countertop is much cheaper than getting a Propur home system.

The new Propur Countertop water filtration system with ProMax filter technology is ideal as it will fit standard fittings. It also comes with removable aerators.

The best part is that you can install it without too much DIY skills. And the manufacturer’s claim that it can be installed within a few minutes without using technical plumbing tools.

Once installed you can access the purified water by opening the faucet or the diverter valve.

It works by using ProMax filtering technology to reduce and eliminate well over 200 contaminants. These are contaminants that include volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), pesticides, heavy metals like lead, disinfectants, microorganisms, fluoride, PFOS, non-metallic inorganics, pharmaceuticals, herbicides and PFOA.

The best features of getting the Propur countertop water filter are things like:

It does not require energy.

Fits most standard faucet fittings with removable aerator.

Housing and accessories made from quality materials.

Contains a pro-filter element.

Propur Water Filter UK

ProPur Big Stainless Steel Water Purification + 2 New ProOne G 2.0 7″ Filter Elements Chemical and Fluoride Removal

This is supplied with a ProPur King unit.

It comes with 2 ProOne G2.0 elements. There is also the inclusion of a non-slip rubber pad, solid stainless steel spigot, 2-hole plug and a user manual.

Made of polished stainless steel with high resistance without seams that are oxidized or leak.

Berkey with 2 FiltersUnlike other NSF certified filters, ProOne G2.0 filters actually exceeds NSF 42 standards.

Aside from this, the makers promise that it will eliminate things like fluoride, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), bacteria, chemicals like chlorine, heavy metals and chloramines.

Also, it can remove up to 17 different pharmaceutical products by over 95%. As well as more than 99% of methanol concentrations of 4-methylcyclohexane (MCHM). This covers you if you’re affected by the chemical spills in places like West Virginia.

The ProOne G2.0 filter can treat 1200 gallons each. Or over 2400 gallons if you get a 2-filter system (some models are able to hold up to 4 filters).

The filter device is impregnated with silver for its self-sterilizing properties.

Some of the best features is that it can hold up to 4 filters.

  • Very easy to assemble.
  • Use and clean.
  • When bought through Amazon you benefit from Amazon’s return policy, which usually offers free returns within 30 days of receipt.

Measurements: 11″ x 23.25″ mounted, 11″ x 12.75″ nested for storage or transportation.

Propur Water Filter vs Berkey Water Filter 

It is both important and necessary to do a Propur Water Filter vs Berkey Water Filter because they are very similar.

Both remove a large amount of contaminants from your drinking water. However, there are too many things to list out, so here is a quick comparison table instead.

Propur Water Filter vs Berkey Water Filter Table

 Berkey Water FilterPropur Water Filter
Berkey Filter
Filter Element Country of OriginUSAUK
Filter Material Proprietary blend of carbon & 5 other media types.Granular activated carbon & silver infused ceramic.
Filter Life Span3-5 years1 year.
Spigot Material PlasticStainless Steel
Capacity 2.25 Gallons2.75 Gallons
Measurements19" High x 8.5 Diameter21.5 High x 9.25 Diameter
Do The Filters Need Priming?YesNo
WarrantyFilters: 2 years; System: 1 year.Filters: 1 year; System: 2 year.
Does it Remove Fluoride?Yes - by 99.9% if you buy special filters.Yes - 96.3%
Targeted Contaminants and Bacteria- Lead 97.5%
- Aluminum 75%
- Benzene 99.8%
- Glyphosphate 75%
- Acetaminophen 99.9%
- Triclosan 99.9%
- Chloramines 99.9%
- E. coli 99.9%
- Microcystin LR 99.9%
- Rotavirus 99.9%
- Lead 100%
- Aluminum 98%
- Benzene 99.9%
- Glyphosphate 100%
- Acetaminophen 96%%
- Triclosan 94.7%
- Chloramines 99.9%
- E. coli 100%
- Microcystin LR 99.9%
- Rotavirus 99.9%
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Propur Water Filter WORTH It?

Yes, it’s worth it but I think the Berkey is better.

The Propur™ Big is a great item for your essential emergency planning. This is great for you and your family especially as it’s portable. Other selling points is that its economical, convenient and easy to use.

Mr Water Geek ThinkingThe system does not need electrical power to function.

This is yet another reason why you can use it anywhere, whether at home, office, at campgrounds, on vacation or in student dormitories.Check Price Button

It works with almost any water source. This can include tap water, lake, river, stream, pond and rain.ProPur Berkey Looking Water Filter System

Ideal for emergencies or everyday use.

Each container is made of one piece of polished or brushed stainless steel (optional finish). The high quality stainless steel creates hygiene benefits and also means longer lasting durability and an attractive appearance.

The system is equipped with two all-in-one and fluoride filter elements. So yes, it DOES filter fluoride too.

The Berkey does all this and more.

I'm a health author, science enthusiast and 100% certified geek. My passion is to help you take control of your health and well-being by understanding the true importance of good quality water and healthy hydration.


  1. My Propur does not seem to be made of stainless steel. Steel is supposed to be attracted to magnets and mine is not. Does this mean there are Propur units made of aluminum? Have I got a terrible knockoff version??

    • Hi Carol

      Not all types of stainless steal attract magnets.

      If you’re really worried however, you should contact Propur direct and give them your serial number to confirm its authenticity.

      Stay hydrated,

  2. Why do you think Berkey is better? I saw reviews, where people said Propur water is much cleaner tasting than Berkey/

    • Hi Daiva

      It all depends on what is most important to you because both have pros and cons.

      I think water from the Berkey tastes pretty good but again, other people might have a different taste.

      Stay hydrated,


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