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Do you get your water from a well and need to get an iron water filter because well water usually contains large amounts of iron?

This is an issue because iron will usually change both the taste and smell of your water. Pelican Whole House Softener Filter ComboThe result of iron in your water are reddish ugly spots. You will usually find this on almost all surfaces that the well water comes in contact with. It can also lead to equipment damage.

This article is for you if iron is a concern.

It will explain what iron is, how to treat it naturally and suggest some machines that can help with this process.

This will include looking at the biggest brands with the best customer feedback. It is for this reason that I will not be discussing the Culligan iron filter, the iron filter from Lowes, Menards or the iron filter Home Depot.

Iron in Drinking Water – Is It DANGEROUS?

Iron (with the symbol Fe) is a natural mineral. It is dissolved in your groundwater and consequently high iron values are the second most common problem (after water hardness) for people that use well water.

Water Softener ValveThe bad news is that iron is a lot more difficult to treat than minerals of hardness that cause white limescale.

Iron removal is more difficult because iron compounds are more insoluble. Aside from iron, well water is usually riddled with different compounds that need different treatment methods. There are also other factors such as the pH level of the water that also needs to be considered.

The good news is that most iron filters also treat most common water contaminants, especially if they are dedicated well water treatment machines.

Iron In Water Effects On Skin and Hair

Iron is actually an essential trace element that all living organisms need. This means that iron present in drinking water is not necessarily bad for health. In fact, many people need more iron in their diet and iron-deficiency is a common health issue.

However, you really want to get iron in your diet through nutrients and supplements NOT through well water.Aquasana Whole House UV Filter

Iron In Water Effects On Skin

Water with extremely high levels of iron minerals can have negative effects on your skin. First of all water and iron do not mix well with soap so this means it can be problematic for people with dry skin. High levels of iron can also damage healthy skin cells. One result of this can be premature wrinkles.

Iron In Water Effects On Hair

High levels of iron in your water can make hair dry, frizzy and weak. Over time this can make hair fall out. Aside from high levels of iron, your hair suffers when there are high levels of other minerals in your water. For instance, minerals such as magnesium, copper, iron and calcium make your water “hard” and this is not good for hair.

How to Test for Iron in Water

So now you probably are wondering what the first step is in being able to filter iron? Well, the answer is to know how high the iron water levels are is to get a iron test kit.

How can you tell if there is too much iron in the water?

Well most iron test results that show yellow or red can indicate iron (but read the instructions).

You should also try to get a full water test kit that shows you everything. Everything from hydrogen sulfide, pH level, hardness and alkalinity. Some tests can also check for things like bacteria.

Iron Levels In Water ppm

If you want to have the most accurate results then you should get a professional laboratory test.

Specifically by sending your well water to an independent laboratory. Getting a full water test kit is obviously cheaper but this comes at the cost of less accuracy.

Of course, you can avoid the need for tests by observing your pipes. For instance, simply noticing the iron corrosion of pipes, machines, fittings, equipment or water heaters.

How to Remove Iron From Well Water Naturally?

Although there are lots of machines and devices that can remove iron as part of a natural process. Note that the approach laid out below can also help tackle the problem of iron pollution.

 Pelican Whole House Softener WELL WATER Filter ComboTest the level of iron in the water. First things first, you need to know how much iron you’re dealing with. A good quality water test kit will help you determine the exact level as discussed in the previous section.

Choose the best iron treatment system. This will depend on the level of iron that show up in the test mentioned in the previous section. If your test result show low levels of iron then you may be able to get away with a regular water softener.

Moderate levels of iron may require a water filter and softener combination. While moderate to high levels of iron will require a softener + filter+ iron filter combo.

Install the right device in your home. Most modern devices are easier to install and usually come with the full installation kit. However, I always recommend that people do not try to do it themselves unless they are a softener + filter+ iron filter combo by trade.

Doing it yourself can possibly void the warranty and guarantee that comes with the machine. So it’s always best to hire a professional plumber to install this for you.

Pelican WirelessTest the water again. Now that you have the right device installed you should check the water again to make sure it works. If it is not working (according to the water test) then chances are that the equipment was not installed properly.

Maintain the device correctly. Now that you’re happy with how the device is working, maintain the results by keeping the device correctly maintained. The best way to do this is to read the manufacturer’s instructions or speak to the professional plumber that installed the device for you. Storing it correctly and checking on it regularly will mean you will continue to get the full benefits of the device.

How to Remove Iron From Well Water?

The table below highlights the best ways to remove iron from well water. The devices that are listed below are specifically designed for well water and are the best rated among customers.

Aquasana 500,000 Gallon Well Water RhinoPelican Well Water Filter & Softener
Aquasana Whole House Features List Pelican Whole House Softener WELL WATER Filter Combo
Filters AND Softens (up to 25 PPM).Filters
4-stage filtration (with optional add-ons e.g. UV filters).Multi-stage Filtration.
- Filters Iron < 0.3 ppm (0.3 mg/L)
- Manganese < 0.05 ppm (0.05 mg/L)
- Hardness < 7gpg
• Tannins < 0.1 ppm (0.1 mg/L).
- UV filters remove 99% of viruses, e.coli, cysts, giradia, cryptosporidium and bacteria.
- Effectively treats manganese and iron. Iron removal is up to 10 PPM.
- Powerful filters including carbon filters.
- 10 day satisfaction guarantee.
- 7 Year limited lifetime warranty.

Water Treatment For Iron Removal: Pelican Combination Water Softener and Iron/Manganese Filter

Inside A Water SoftenerThis Pelican machine combines both a whole house water softener with a filter that also removes a number of things including iron.

The twin tank machine is able to handle water that is very hard.

It works by using a fine mesh and this means that it’s a powerful filter that can last longer.

The result is that this Pelican softener is not only a iron filter but can treat very hard water. This means that it also removes hard minerals like calcium and magnesium along with the iron causing you problems.

One of the best features of this machine is that you can program it to regenerate only when you need it through your phone or tablet!

This means that you can easily increase or reduce the amount of water it regenerates. The result is more money saved due to more efficient use of water and electricity.
The Problems:

Red CrossAlthough it comes with a full installation kit, manuals and online installation videos – not everyone will be able to install this by themeselves.Water Softener Valve

The System Benefits:
Here are some key specifications and benefits:

Green Plus ArrowIntegrated whole house softener and filter.

Green Plus ArrowCreated specifically for well water. That’s why it is the most effective solution for dealing with iron and manganese that creates a rotten egg odor.

Green Plus ArrowValve with digital screen and controls.

Green Plus ArrowYou can program and monitor your soft water from the controller unit. This means you can automate a regeneration or backwash cycle.See customer reviews

Green Plus ArrowTreats grains of up to 48,000 (depending on which model you choose).

Green Plus Arrow Easy to install and comes with full manual and installation equipment.

Dashed Line

Iron Removal Filter For Home: Aquasana 500,000 Gallon Well Water Rhino (with Iron Filters)

Aquasana is the biggest and most popular whole house water filter brand available today and this is their well water specific whole house filter.

One good thing about this whole house well water filter is that it comes with all the equipment that you will need to install. This is good because it can be a little bit complicated so having the full installation kit helps. However, you will really need to get a professional plumber to install it for you. Trying to do it yourself can mean that you will void the warranty.Aquasana Whole House UV Filter

This well water filter can treat up to 500,000 gallons before it needs replacing.

The Well Water Rhino uses specially formulated media filters that treat well water specific issues. For instance, it contains things like catalytic charcoal and a KDF 85 filter that will not only filter out iron but also algae, sulfer, hydrogen sulfide, VOCs and bacteria.

Also, getting the UV filter (optional upgrade) will also kill 99.99% of all bacteria and viruses. Especially those types of bacteria that can survive in untreated well water.

Essential details about this product:

  • You can use it to treat 5 hundred thousand gallons of well water.
  • It comes with the entire professional installation kit that you need.

The problems:

Red CrossAlthough you can add a salt free “softener” system (i.e. Aquasana SCM), it’s not technically a softener.It’s more of a water conditioner and filter that treats your water. However, the results are similar to what you would get with a water softener as it stops the effects of hard water effecting your home. You also have the added benefits of a powerful filter that treat much more than just iron.

The benefits:Aquasana SimplySoft

Green Plus ArrowSpecially designed to deal with well water and the unique issues that affect well water.

Green Plus ArrowGetting the UV filter upgrade can help treat a number of things including manganese. This means that you can consider this to also be an iron and manganese removal system.

Green Plus ArrowIt supplies the entire home with iron free water that is also treated.

Green Plus ArrowA guaranteed lifespan of 500,000 gallons of treated well water.See customer reviews

Green Plus ArrowIt is a high performance system, so this does not affect the water pressure in your home.

Green Plus ArrowThis well water filter machine requires little or no maintenance.

Green Plus ArrowYou get everything you need for a professional installation.

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The BEST Iron Filter?

Mr Water Geek ThinkingOnce you have used a water test kit to check the levels of iron you will have a better understanding of what might be the best iron filter machine to get.

The cheapest way to remove iron from well water is to get a water filter jug like Zero and filter the water before you drink it. However, this is very inconvenient especially for families. Pelican Whole House Softener WELL WATER Filter Combo

This article has suggested 3 of the best iron water filter machines that you can use.

By far the most comprehensive well water filter is the Aquasana.

However, if you only have small amounts of iron and few other issues then you should consider getting the Pelican Quest for well water.

Just note that the air injection is only capable of removing iron up to 7 ppm.See customer reviews

The Iron Pro 2 is ideal for those who really need a machine that will mainly focus on iron removal and also create soft water at the same time.

Aquasana Coupon Code ShortBuying your device through Aquasana? Then get Up to 50% OFF + FREE shipping on select products with: AQGEEK50.

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The Best Iron Water Filter Comparison Table

Aquasana 500,000 Gallon Well Water RhinoPelican Well Water Filter & Softener
Aquasana Whole House Features List Pelican Whole House Softener WELL WATER Filter Combo
Filters AND Softens (up to 25 PPM).Filters
4-stage filtration (with optional add-ons e.g. UV filters).Multi-stage Filtration.
- Filters Iron < 0.3 ppm (0.3 mg/L)
- Manganese < 0.05 ppm (0.05 mg/L)
- Hardness < 7gpg
• Tannins < 0.1 ppm (0.1 mg/L).
- UV filters remove 99% of viruses, e.coli, cysts, giradia, cryptosporidium and bacteria.
- Effectively treats manganese and iron. Iron removal is up to 10 PPM.
- Powerful filters including carbon filters.
- 10 day satisfaction guarantee.
- 7 Year limited lifetime warranty.
I'm a health author, science enthusiast and 100% certified geek. My passion is to help you take control of your health and well-being by understanding the true importance of good quality water and healthy hydration.


  1. I am wondering if you have heard and have an opinion about AquaOx whole house system and their iron filter? We have the ferrous iron in our water and I am looking for solutions. There isn’t enough information and AquaOx, it is quite expensive but it sounds promising. Thanks!

    • Hi Evita

      I’m aware of AquaOx but like you I find it difficult to get independent information about it.

      However, there are lots of iron filter options from well established companies like Aquasana (treats iron and manganese) and Pelican (with salt based softener).

      Stay hydrated,


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