7 Simple and Surprisingly Effective Sea Salt Skincare Ideas

Article Last Updated: December 2023

7 Salt Water Benefits For Skin

  1. Sea Salt For Skin Balance
  2. Sea Salt Cleanse Mix For Acne
  3. Softening Sea Salt Body Scrub
  4. Sea Salt Anti-Dandruff Treatment (For Your Scalp)
  5. Sea Salt Face Oil Tonic
  6. Relaxing Sea Salt Bath
  7. Sea Salt Rejuvenating Exfoliation

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1. Sea Salt For Skin Balance

Both salt and honey have anti-inflammatory properties to soothe skin and relieve breakouts and irritation. They also help to balance the production of oil and to maintain hydration in the layers of the skin where it is most needed. lazy placeholder

Try It For Yourself:

  • Mix two teaspoons of sea salt (preferably finely ground) with four teaspoons of raw honey to a spreadable paste.
  • Apply evenly to clean and dry skin and avoid the eye area.
  • Let it stand for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Before rinsing, soak a washcloth in very warm water and gently wring it out.
  • Put a warm towel on your face for 30 seconds.
  • Use your fingers to gently exfoliate while rinsing the skin thoroughly with warm water.

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2. Sea Salt Cleanse Mix For Acne

Salt helps to deeply cleanse pores, balance oil production and fight bacteria that can cause rashes and acne.

Try It For Yourself:

  • Mix one teaspoon of sea salt with four ounces of warm water in a small spray bottle until the salt dissolves.
  • Mist on clean and dry skin (avoid eyes).
  • Use daily or twice a day.

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3. Softening Sea Salt Body Scrub

Salt is a gentle natural exfoliant that removes dead skin. It also has minerals that soften skin and restores hydration.

Try It For Yourself:

  • Mix a quarter cup of salt and half a cup of olive oil or coconut oil into a thick paste.
  • If you want, add 10 drops of your favorite oil.
  • Apply in the shower with a cloth, sponge or use your palms, gently rubbing your skin in a circular motion.

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4. Sea Salt Anti-Dandruff Treatment (For Your Scalp)

Salt helps loosen and remove existing flakes while stimulating blood circulation for a healthy scalp. This ingredient also absorbs excess oil and moisture to prevent fungal growth and inhibit the root of dandruff.

Try It For Yourself:

  • Separate your hair a few times and sprinkle a teaspoon or two of salt on your scalp.
  • With wet fingers, massage your scalp gently and thoroughly for 10 to 15 minutes (try to recruit someone to do this for you, it is very relaxing)!
  • Wash and care for your hair with your favorite products.

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5. Sea Salt Face Oil Tonic

Salt helps to deeply cleanse pores, balance the oil production and fight bacteria that can cause rashes and acne.

Try It For Yourself:

Mix one teaspoon of sea salt with four ounces of warm water in a small spray bottle until the salt dissolves.

  • Mist on clean and dry skin (avoid eyes).
  • Leave for 5-10 minutes before rinsing off, dry your face and follow up with your favorite moisturizer.
  • Use daily or twice a day.

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6. Relaxing Sea Salt Bath

Salt absorbs dirt and toxins and deeply cleanses skin pores. The mineral content of salt helps to restore your skin’s protective barrier and helps to maintain hydration.

You will notice that your skin does not wrinkle after a long and good immersion in salt water. This suggests that a salt bath will help skin retain moisture. Magnesium in sea salt can also help to reduce water retention (i.e. swelling) in the body.

Try It For Yourself:

  • Add a third of a cup of salt to a tub of warm water and leave to dissolve.
  • Soak in the bath for 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Rinse your entire body before leaving the bath to ensure there is no excess salt on your skin.Aquasana Clean Machine

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7. Sea Salt Rejuvenating Exfoliation

Salt is a soothing exfoliant that restores skin. Aloe vera moisturizes, heals and generally improves the health of skin cells. While lavender is a natural antiseptic that also increases blood circulation.

Try It For Yourself:

  • Mix half a cup of salt, a quarter cup of pure aloe vera juice or gel, a quarter cup of oil (your choice).
  • A spoon of dried lavender and 10 drops of lavender essential oil.
  • The resulting mixture should form a thick paste.
  • If it is too dry, add a few drops of extra oil.
  • Apply in the shower with a cloth, sponge or palms, gently rubbing your skin in a circular motion.

Sea Salt For Skin Scrub

There are many types of sea salts available and some of these can work in the form of a sea salt scrub.

However, purveyors of sea salt believe that dead sea salt can be the most therapeutic and promote a “salty shine” on facial skin. It can also provide you with the most benefits for skin. To make a salt scrub mix:

  • Combine 1 cup of finely ground sea salt, add 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil and 10 drops of essential oil of your choice.
  • Mix until it is evenly distributed and lightly moistened with the oil.
  • If the mixture appears too moist, add more sea salt.
  • Put your sea salt scrub mixture in a jar with a screw cap for later use.
  • Apply the sea salt scrub to damp skin and gently rub in a circular motion to promote proper exfoliation.
  • Avoid active scrubbing over areas of inflamed or broken skin.

Salt Water Benefits For Teeth and Nails

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Sea Salt Nail Rinse Treatment

Salt softens cuticles and strengthens your  nails. Baking soda and lemon work to reduce yellowish nails for brighter and healthier looking nails.Tyent UCE 11 Under Counter Top Water Ionizer

Try It For Yourself:

  • Mix a teaspoon of baking soda, a teaspoon of salt, a teaspoon of lemon juice and half a cup of warm water in a small bowl.
  • Soak nails in the solution for 10 minutes.
  • Then rub with a soft brush.
  • Rinse your hands and moisturize them.

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Use Sea Salt As A Natural Mouthwash

Salt acts as a disinfectant against bacteria that can cause gingivitis and halitosis.

Try It For Yourself:

  • Half a teaspoon of salt, half a teaspoon of baking soda and a quarter cup of water, mix the solution until everything is dissolved.Tyent ACE 13 profile
  • Swish the solution around your mouth and between your teeth.
  • Spit, then rinse out with warm water.

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Sea Salt For Natural Teeth Whitening

Salt and baking soda are mild abrasives that remove stains and whiten teeth. Salt is also a natural source of fluoride, which is good for your teeth and gums.

Try It ForYourself:

  • Mix one teaspoon of salt and two teaspoons of baking soda.
  • Dip a wet toothbrush into the mixture and brush your teeth normally.
  • If the taste is too intense, try adding some toothpaste to the brush before adding it to the mixture.

Is Table Salt Good For Your Skin?

The short answer is no, table salt is not good for your skin.

To take advantage of the many sea salt benefits for skin, you must use high quality natural salt.

Tyent UCE 11 FaucetTable salt is the worst kind of inferior salt.

It is made with chemical products that bleach the salt (hence why it is so white when compared to natural salt). All the chemicals present in table salt outweigh any benefits you may get from using it.

Hence, if you want health benefits from salt then you must use the natural chemical-free version.

This includes Pink Himalayan Salt or Celtic Grey Salt.

Salt On Face Acne?

AquaTru SmallSo let’s start with a simple fact about what acne is and why it appears. Acne occurs when pores are clogged and sebum (oil) is trapped.

According to Acne.org the reason for this is unclear.

However, once the pores are blocked, the bacterium begins to grow, causing acne breakouts. Some acne treatments on the market include chemical solutions.

But if you’re looking for a natural way to defeat your acne, salt has antimicrobial properties that can help reduce acne breakouts.

Sea salt can be used in various ways to reduce acne. However, before attempting any sea salt remedy, also wash your face with a detergent containing ingredients that combat acne.

Is Saltwater Good For Your Hair?

Clean Machine In UseYes but only in very small quantities and only if it is high quality salt like Pink Himalayan salt.

Good quality natural salt can help detoxify skin, reduce swelling and treat wounds among many other benefits. So yes, there are sea salt benefits for the skin on your scalp but not so much the hair itself

CAUTION: Over-exposure to salt water can cause havoc to your hair. Like your skin and the rest of your body, your hair can dry out. And it will dry out if too much moisture is lost through interaction with a lot of salt.

Are There Really Sea Salt Benefits For Skin?

Yes, sometimes the best remedies in life are the simplest.

Mr Water Geek ThinkingAquaTruThis is true of using high quality natural sea salt for closing your pores, balancing oil production, and rejuvenating your skin.

You do not need luxurious skin creams filled with chemicals and preservatives for a youthful glow. You can start to improve the quality of your skin with only two things: water and high-quality mineral rich salt.

The good thing about salt water is that there are many ways to use it. For instance, a glass of warm salt water is an excellent way to start the day and promote inner healing.

Check Prices & Read Customer ReviewsWhenever you use a natural form of salt (and avoid drinking seawater), it improves your sleep, reduces inflammation, facilitates digestion, promotes hydration, detoxifies your cells, improves the health of your bones and much much more.

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  1. I have been suffering with hormonal and bacterial acne which made me have low esteem and also by trying different products packed with lots of chemicals damaged my skin even more.A month ago before lockdown a certain lady told me that i do not need a dermatologist and to stop using whatever am using then use sea salt water on my face daily and all the acne will dry. Fortunately i had the salt in my kitchen shelf and i decided to mix it with warm water then i poured it to the gentle magic toner (lotion) that i was also advised that i works with acne,so i use it as my daily toner before i apply any cream on my face and right now my face is amazing,no more break outs,my face is smooth and even toned.within a month of lockdown my skin also healed and i dont see the need of making an appointment with a dermatologist anymore.Thanks to that lady friend who advised me.BYE.KEEP SAFE FROM C0R0NA VIRUS.

  2. Thanks for sharing such beneficial article regarding sea salt benefits. I have been experiencing the benefits of Himalayan salt for a longer time period which I got from saltean. Currently, I’m suffering from severe hair dandruff problem. I have tried everything to cure it, but all in vain. After reading your article regarding Himalayan salt hair growth benefits, I have decided to try it in my scalp. Hope It will work.

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