Beware of these ALARMING Sole Water SIDE EFFECTS

Sole Water Side Effects

Salt is naturally dehydrating, the more salt water you drink, the more water your body loses.

Red CrossDehydration

When you drink seawater, the water that already exists in your body is diverted to help your body dilute the excess salt, according to the Marine Knowledge website. As a result, other bodily functions suffer because of the lack of water in your system.

HINT PomegranetDehydration causes an increase in thirst, but it also causes you to urinate more often as your body tries to eliminate excess salt. More urine and less water worsens the problem of dehydration.

Red CrossEarly Sole Side Effects

Drinking salt water causes a number of early side effects when dehydrated.

Dry mouth and rapid heartbeat are followed by low blood pressure, headache and dizziness. Finally, lethargy and confusion begin to appear.

However, this really depends on the amount of sea water you have consumed and whether you are drinking enough fresh water to reduce and eliminate the effects.

You may also experience blood in the stool or vomiting, loss of appetite and unconsciousness.

Red CrossSerious Side Effects

AquaTru SmallIf you continue to drink salt water, even after you have noticed some of the side effects just mentioned, your symptoms will get worse.

For instance, it can cause kidney failure if your body is unable to produce urine due to lack of water.

Symptoms of severe dehydration are things like seizures, delirium. And it can eventually kill you if not treated.

However, note that even if you survive a serious bout of salt water intoxication you can still get permanent brain damage.

What is Sole?

Sole (pronounced solay) is essentially water that has been completely saturated with a natural salt.

This is not just a small amount of salt dissolved in water, but water that has absorbed as much natural salt as it can.

The term brine comes from the Latin “Sun”, which means sun.

Why Sole Works

The “sole” in sole water is pronounced so-lay.

Also, what I will be talking about is NOT table salt, which only consists of sodium and chloride.

Sole water is the combination of natural, unrefined salts and minerals and water. This mixture is a brine with a high concentration of electrolytes, which is taken every morning as a nutritional supplement.

An electrolyte is a compound that becomes ionized when dissolved in liquid, which means that it becomes a charged molecule. Various types of electrolytes include sodium, potassium, chloride, bicarbonate, calcium sulfate, magnesium, and phosphate.

When you combine water and natural salt, the positive ions in salt surrounds the negative ions of the water molecules and vice versa. The result of this is a completely new structure that is better absorbed by the body.

The salt typically used in sole water is usually either pink salt from the Himalayas or Atlantic sea salt (sometimes called Celtic gray). However, there are many other types of mineral rich salts that you can choose from.


Pink Himalayan Salt Side Effects

In small quantities, salt from the Himalayas is able to enrich your body and has some good side effects you should know about:

Green Plus ArrowHimalayan salt is able to help your body manage its pH level and manage its blood pressure.

Green Plus ArrowIt can help with motion sickness. You can use Himalayan salt water to combat this problem by drinking a solution of water and salt before traveling.

Green Plus ArrowHimalayan salt is an effective remedy against fungal nails, just soak your feet in a solution of vinegar, water and salt.

Green Plus ArrowIt is by far one of the best and easiest ways to detoxify because it contains well over 84 minerals including trace elements. For instance, Himalayan salt contains potassium, which is able to help prevent bleeding gums.

Green Plus ArrowHimalayan salt is also a very good natural herbal remedy that you can use to treat sore throats. To do this, simply gargle a Himalayan salt water solution for quick relief.

Green Plus ArrowIn small quantities it can help relieve fatigue and combat electrolyte loss.

Green Plus ArrowIt relieves respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis and allergies. This is because inhaling salt water steam promotes a more open airflow.

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Sole Water Benefits

For many years we have been told that salt is harmful. And indeed salt water from the sea is not something you should drink. Too much salt in your diet is also a bad thing but this is not what we are talking about.

Drinking a concentrated salt solution like sole water has a variety of uses that supports good health. This medicine is centuries old in some countries and confirms both anecdotal and scientifically proves evidence for the following applications:

Helps with hydration: The body repairs and detoxifies naturally during sleep, but uses a good amount of water. That’s why we often get thirsty in the morning. Consuming a saline solution like sole helps the body to re-hydrate.

Electrolytes: Sole water contains the necessary electrolytes that provide you with the minerals you need to function and maintain a high energy level.

Improvement of digestion: Sole water stimulates the digestive system and naturally promotes regularity.

Increases Energy: Minerals and energy stored in sole boosts energy in the body.

Improves blood sugar: Some people notice improvements in blood sugar levels after taking sole.AquaTru Countertop

It helps to detoxify the body: The minerals in the sole brine make it useful in the natural detoxification process that the body already goes through.

A natural antihistamine: Sole can act as a powerful natural antihistamine. This action is probably due to its effect on the balance in the body.

Help with muscle cramps. When practicing sports, I attributed cramps in my legs or other cramps to lack of potassium. So I ate more bananas (which are now the only food I will not eat). I do not know everything there is to know about potassium. However, I don’t have leg cramps anymore since regularly drinking sole.

Sleep better: The minerals in sole water can help relax and calm the entire nervous system. They also help to control the stress hormone Adeline, which promotes better sleep and allows your body to rest.

Himalayan salt sole weight loss: By improving digestion and strengthening the body at the cellular level, sole can help promote weight loss.HINT Watermelon

Blood pressure: Contrary to what we normally hear, many people notice a decrease in blood pressure when using sole.

Healthy skin, hair and nails: The high mineral content of sole water makes it ideal for healthy skin (and acne problems) and for hair and nail growth. The minerals in the salt of the Himalayas help combat many skin problems. For example, zinc helps repair tissue and prevent acne, while iodine and chromium help with skin infections.

Himalayan Salt Sole Weight Loss

Do you want to lose weight? Using good quality Himalayan Crystal Salt can help. Common table salt binds water in the tissue, resulting in water retention and cellulite. AquaTru FiltersHowever, replacing traditional table salt with highly structured Himalayan crystal salt will release extra water into your body.

In addition to this, taking sole regularly reduces addictive food cravings so you do not even want to eat those snacks that are high in sugar and carbohydrates.

Sole is also good at ridding your body of fat and toxins.

Pink Himalayan Salt has numerous health-promoting properties that make it ideal for use in our daily lives.

Sole Water Keto

Drinking Sole water is compatible with any keto diet. The keto diet is based on having a low carb diet. Doing this means that your body produces ketones in the liver that can later be used as energy.

Using good quality sea or pink salt (not table salt) has many healthy benefits and can be part of a keto diet.

How to Make Sole Water

As I said, the only ingredients are salt and water, so the recipe is pretty simple. You will also need a glass with a plastic or non-metallic lid. I used a normal mason jar.

What You Need To Make Sole Water

  • Get a glass jar, ideally something like a wide-mouth mason jar.
  • A non-metal lid or plastic.
  • You will also need 1-2 cups of Celtic Salt or Himalayan Salt.
  • It’s also a good idea to get clean fresh water. Clean Machine In Use

How to Make Sole Water

  1. Fill up the jar up to about 1/4 with your salt of choice (Celtic Salt or Himalayan Salt).
  2. Fill the jar with water but leave around one inch at the top.
  3. Shake the jar to mix up the solution and remember to put the lid on first.
  4. Leave the sole mixture overnight so that the salt can dissolve.
  5. If the salt doesn’t fully dissolve then leave it for some more time.
  6. That’s it your sole water mix is ready!

How to Use Sole

How to use the sole solution: Mix 1 teaspoon of the concentrated sole in a glass of water and consume on an empty stomach every morning.

DO NOT drink the concentrated sole water, simply take a tea spoon of it and add it to freshwater.

HINT FruitPlease remember that I am not a doctor. And as with any health regimen or advice, you should always consult with a qualified health professional.

This needs to be the case when you consider adding any new type of supplements or change your health routine.

This is especially true if you’re pregnant, nursing or have any sort of medical condition.

Have you ever made Sole? Tried it? How did you like it? Share below!

Sole Natural Mineral Water

It is possible to get a natural form of sole water. You can get this from the balanced mineral group in sole that comes from a natural filtration process.

This process includes the water penetrating through rocks and various geological minerals into the well-protected underground spring. You can find this fountain at the foot of the Brescian Prealps, northeast of Brescia.

Sole Arte Water

Arte is the brand name of a commercially produced sole water collection. The Contemporary Arte Collection comes in 330 ml and 7500 ml sizes.

AquaTruIt comes in an elegant multi-faceted glass transparent bottle that is also available in light or solid colors,

Here is how the manufactures describe this product: “The Arte brand is born out of love for beautiful things and must be unique and innovative. The values of art are reflected in the beauty of the art bottle”

Where To Buy Sole Water

If making sole water at home is too much hassle for you then you can try Amazon or eBay.

You probably won’t get it in liquid form because it will be difficult to transport. However, you can get high quality Himalayan salt in a jar ready for you to add water.HINT Subscribe and Save

Is Sole Water Bad Or Good For You?

Mr Water Geek ThinkingWe all believe that salt is bad for us, which is true to a certain extent but that is not the whole story.

Salt water from the sea IS bad for you. So is the cheap chemically bleached salt that you get in the supermarkets.

AquaTruThis is why table salt is so white (because of the bleaching process) and doesn’t contain any useful minerals.

White table salt can certainly have a negative effect and is best avoided.

However, natural salt contains more than 84 minerals and is incredibly nutritious for the body.

So to actually get health benefits from sole water you need good quality salt.

I recommend Pink Himalayan salt or Celtic gray salt (sometimes called Atlantic sea salt).

While it’s known that sole water is good for your health, please consult a health care professional before you do this.

Check Prices & Read Customer ReviewsIdeally speak to a nutritionist or doctor before you decide to add it to your daily routine.

You especially need to consult someone if you suffer from any chronic ailments such as high blood pressure or diabetes, where your diet may play a role.

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