3 Lifestraw Go PROBLEMS That No One Talks About

3 Lifestraw Go Bottle Problems

Red CrossThe first issue is that the Lifestraw bottle does not use the normal regular Lifestraw as its filter. It instead uses a slightly different version.

This is obviously frustrating if you already have a Lifestraw and assumed you could just use it with the new bottle. You need to buy a separate specially made replacement filter for the “Go” bottle.

I personally think they missed a trick because the existing Lifestraw owners and converts would have jumped at the chance to pay a little extra and get a bottle to go with their existing device.

Many might assume that the Lifestraw would be the obvious replacement filter for the Go bottle but beware that it is not.

Red CrossThe second issue is that the straw protrudes slightly beyond the edge of the lid. This is the case even when the bottle is firmly closed and the straw as already been folded to its maximum.Lifestraw Review

The problem with this is that it creates a hygiene concern. As it is a water bottle, you are likely to pick it up with your hands on occasion.

If you are outdoors hiking, then your hands a likely to be very dirty, which defeats the whole point of filtering your water.

Red CrossFinally this device will not provide 100% protection against every scenario. The most obvious being its inability to protect your water from viruses or chemical contamination.

If you want something that covers all of this then get some iodine tablets or a UV light. Alternatively, you could also consider a water filter bottle that specifically targets chemical and viral contamination.

Why Does The LifeStraw Bottle Suck?

The Lifestraw Go is essentially the Lifestraw in a bottle.

It will filter out 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria as well as 99.9% of waterborne protozoa.

This is a vast improvement on the Lifestraw design, which forces you to lie down to drink water.

The “straw only” design means that there is no obvious way to take water with you – a fatal design flaw originally spotted by blogger ‘SnarkyNomad’.

This Lifestrawis an improvement on the Lifestraw design however it has some of its own issues, which not much attention has been given.

Is It A Better Alternative To The Life Straw?

As previously mentioned, this version of the Lifestraw is essentially the same thing but in a bottle.

This might sound very simplistic but doing this has fixed a lot of the problems mentioned in my original lifestraw review.

For instance, this new water filter bottle version means that you can take filtered water with you.

It also means that you don’t have the inconvenience of only being able to drink when you were close to water.

Lifestraw bottle only emerged 2013, which was 8 years after the original release of the Lifestraw.

Presumably this new product was designed to combat and address some of the issues with its predecessor. However it seems to have some issues of its own.

Is The LifeStraw Bottle Worth It?

Mr Water Geek Thinking

Maybe, I would give it 3 out of 5 stars.

Why only 3 stars?

It is a big improvement from the original straw version of this product.

It does the job so long as you’re not trying to treat anything too harzadous or toxic.However the big flaws mentioned in this article are difficult to overlook.

Finally there are better alternatives out there like the Sawyer Bottle.

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