Water For Pets

We need to consider water for pets because every living thing needs to drink water and stay hydrated. Why else would you always keep your pet’s bowl full of water? Like human beings, animals need water to stay alive. And, like humans, their body content is about 80% water. But the real question is what is the best type of water for your beloved pet? Is it safe to give cats and dogs water from the tap faucet? What about hard water, is it safe for them to drink? If yes, what about soft water? Chances are that you have seen or done it. Taken a sip of filtered or bottled water while your pets water bowl is full of nasty tap water. But why is it OK for your furry baby to drink a lower quality of water than you? Especially as we now know that publicly supplied tap water can sometimes contain some levels of contamination and bacteria. So,how much water do dogs need? How do you keep cats hydrated? What do you do if your dog is drinking water excessively? This section helps you understand water and hydration issues for your beloved pets. A must for anyone that thinks of their pet as family.