Power Wheelchair Review: All The MISTAKES To Avoid When You Buy

Last Updated on April 6, 2020

Before getting to the power wheelchair review, let’s cover the basics. Specifically, what you need to consider when buying one. This will also include mid wheel drive power wheelchair review.  

To find the right electric wheelchair, you need to find the model that best suits your body and lifestyle, giving you the independence you desire.

Electric wheelchairs are able to help you to travel and accelerate comfortably without getting tired or using too much effort. Especially when you compare this to the amount of effort it requires to use a manual wheelchair.

To help you find your ideal chair, I have created a guide to answer general questions and comments about available products and manufacturers.

Comprehensive Power Wheelchair Buying Guide:

Powered or Electric Wheelchairs

Powered or electronic wheelchairs are those that can be automated and work through electricity. This is ideal if you do not have the strength or stamina to use a self-propelled wheelchair, but do not want to depend on someone else to push you. There are a large selection of models, which are best divided into three categories:

  • Indoor / Portable: For use at home or in places with smooth and unified floors. Such as shopping malls or garden centers. It is usually easy to fold to fit in the trunk of a car.
  • Outdoors: larger wheels for rough terrain and suspension for added comfort. Generally it can also be used indoors, but its larger size may mean it does not fit through some doors.
  • Interior / Exterior: Designed to offer the best of both worlds. It will not be as light and portable as some models, not as robust as others, but it can provide a good balance of features.

Manual Wheelchairs

These are usually best suited for people who:

  • Can walk, maybe with a stick or frame, but can not cope with longer stretches, so use a manual wheelchair when away from home.

The most important thing to note is that you will need enough strength and movement in your arms to use a self-propelled wheelchair.

If you prefer not to have to do this then it is better to get a power wheelchair. It’s worth noting that most self-propelled wheelchairs also have push handles for times when you need extra help.

Self-propelled wheelchairs have larger rear wheels. Each with an external “grab ring” that is turned to control the chair and drive. But these wheels make a voluminous chair that is less easy to pack in the trunk of a car. For this reason, if you choose a self-propelled chair, look for one with quick-release wheels, now widely available.

Manual wheelchairs have smaller rear wheels, so are often lighter and easier to carry. They are also easier to navigate, although it can be more difficult to mount obstacles such as curbs.

Power Wheelchair Batteries and Storage

The batteries are charged via the mains, so the wheelchair should normally be kept next to a plug to charge it during the night. Some of the largest outdoor wheelchairs may need to be outside the home, e.g. store in a garage.

Drive Control Electric Wheelchairs?

The most common type of “drive control” in an electric wheelchair is a joystick mounted on one of the armrests. In theory, these are very simple, although sometimes they are difficult to learn.

At the beginning you may find that the controls are too sensitive or not sensitive enough. But it should be possible to customize them to your liking. Some companies offer other types, such as handlebar controls (similar to those on a scooter, but smaller), which can be retroactively adapted to existing chairs.

Considerations When Buying a Power Wheelchair For Someone Else

When you buy a wheelchair for a relative, remember that some people are reluctant to use one. They may feel that a stigma is associated with a “wheelchair user” or be embarrassed that they need help with mobility.

If you feel your family member feels that way, discuss it with them and explain how a wheelchair could improve the quality of their life. It can also be useful if you can arrange an opportunity for them to try a chair before committing to buy it.

How To Customize, Adjust and Find Accessories

Wheelchair manufacturers tend to be more flexible than mobility scooter manufacturers when it comes to personalizing their products. Some things you can often choose or customize include: 

  • Backrest: The height is usually fixed.
  • Headrest: can be purchased as an optional extra.
  • Support or padding can be added to provide more postural support.
  • Seats: often available in different lengths and widths, or a tighter fit can be adjusted.
  • Protection against cold or rain: A wide range of special items for wheelchairs are available. Such as waterproof garments in various designs and cuffs that cover the lower half of the body like a half-size sleeping bag.
  • Platform for the feet and armrests: Most wheelchairs have adjustable footrests and armrests that help you find a comfortable sitting position.
  • Storage Bags: There are several types of these for use with wheelchairs, although they are generally not suitable for carrying large quantities of purchases.

Folding Power Wheelchair Reviews

Foldawheel PW-1000XL (2 Batteries + 2 Year Warranty + Free Travel Bag)

It only takes 2 seconds to fold and unfold. In fact, some users can open / fold it by using only one hand.And the best part is that it’s very light and compact after folding. Weighs only 53 lb and each battery weighs only 3.5 lb.

The current offer (at the time of writing this) means that it will be shipped with 2 batteries, so you will receive the device as approximately 60 lbs with 2 batteries. And it also comes with a 2-year global warranty and a thick padded travel bag.

These 2 units of high-capacity lithium-ion batteries allows you to drive up to 18.5 miles (tested with body weight equivalent to 220 pounds).

mrwatergeek winner badge

The machine supports up to 3 batteries to travel 28 miles, but the original 2 batteries are more than enough for 95% of users. This is with speeds ​​up to 5 miles / hour. 

Here are some more specific benefits and specifications for this product:

  • 19″ between the armrests and a large room with a pillow of 18″ as the sides are open.
  • Powerful and quiet brushless motors with 10″ solid rubber rear tires that are perfect without feeling bulky.
  • Carrying capacity up to 330 lbs. (Actually, it can carry a lot more weight, but the problem is whether the user can sit comfortably or not).
  • The tires are manufactured with the best texture for comfort.
  • PW-1000XL also comes with 4 suspensions stainless steel connectors from our joystick controller so it can be easily removed without removing the entire cable.


Foldawheel PW-999UL (2 Batteries + 2 Year Warranty + Free Travel Bag)

This power wheelchair review is for the Rolli88. The Rolli88 is the original designer and producer of the lightest portable electric chair (foldawheel) since 2013. This means they have more than 10,000 happy customers around the world. The PW-999UL is the latest model and now also comes with worldwide warranty of 2 years. Meaning you are covered no matter where you travel.

Also, this new version can be opened / folded and closed in just 1 second. Which is pretty much the fastest of any model. 

PW-999UL is the lightest and most compact electric chair in the world.

The full wheelchair weighs only 43 pounds and each battery has is only pounds.

The entire shipment will come with 2 extra lithium-polymer batteries that can run up to 16 miles (tested with a weight capacity of 220 pounds). Apple uses lithium-ion polymer batteries for a good reason as the makers of this wheelchair report that 95% of customers still use the same original battery. This is referring to customers in the last 4 years so you can expect long lasting batteries.

Foldawheel PW-999UL Specifications:
  • Open/Fold in 1 second.
  • The brushless motor is stronger, energy-efficient and durable. This is along with its high-quality rubber tires that provide better traction and facilitates navigation on steeper slopes.
  • Standard delivery comes with a sturdy and thick padded travel bag and a certified universal charger.
  • The footrest can collapse inward to create a tighter and easier stand position.
  • It is equipped with a hydraulic tilt protection.
  • The double-jointed armrests are strong enough to carry a larger weight and can be easily raised so you can get closer to the tables or move them more easily.
  • The control system is the smallest and best control among all brushless motor controls that you can find on the market. You can disconnect it without removing the entire cable.
  • The seat cushion and the backrest cover are made of an airtight material, are comfortable and can be removed for washing.

MAXIMUM WEIGHT CAPACITY: 220 – 264 pounds.

Best Electric Wheelchair In The World

EZ Lite Cruiser Heavy Duty DX12 Light Weight & Foldable

This power wheelchair review is for the EZ Lite Cruiser Deluxe DX12. It now comes with the fastest, easiest folding and deployment action ever.Perfect for outdoor use with heavy 12 “rear wheels and also works indoors. The lithium-ion battery gets more than 10 miles with a single charge. Connect two batteries for a range of more than 20 miles.

The Deluxe DX12 supports users up to 330 pounds!

Made for travel: weighs only 58 pounds (without battery) or 64 pounds (with battery).

It has an extremely well designed frame for comfortable driving. The model DX12 is equipped with front wheels that are 7.5 “diameter and 2” wide wheels as well as 12 “rear wheels.

It has the fastest, easiest folding and unfolding action ever. It will literally open in a second. Just lift up the back support and it will unfold.

EZ Lite Cruiser Specifications:

The rear support can be reclined in 5 positions for maximum comfort.

Complete list of specifications and functions: 

  • Lightweight and durable based on independent lab tests.
  • Folds very fast and is extremely compact for storage.
  • The 10 Ah battery (ampere hour) reaches a range of more than 10 miles.
  • Uses LiFePO4 lithium battery with up to 1000 cycles.
  • Combine 2 batteries to double the driving distance.
  • The joystick can be mounted on the left or right arm.
  • Armrests can be raised to facilitate lateral access to the seat.
  • Has a removable seat and a seat cover for easy cleaning.
  • Experience the next generation of lightweight and flexible mobility aids.
  • There are many great accessories that you can customize.
  • Backrest has 5 positions in their luxury models.
  • Requires very little service and maintenance.
  • Unbeatable and reliable support team and customer service.
  • The longest worry-free warranty in the industry.
  • Batteries can be charged from the platform using the regular charger (included).


Portable Electric Wheelchair Reviews

Forcemech Power Wheelchair – Ultra Portable Electric

This power wheelchair review is for the Forcemech Voyager R2. It’s the latest addition to the Forcemech Voyager range of ultra-portable electric folding wheelchairs. It unfolds in seconds. The ergonomic design of the chair provides maximum comfort. The Voyager R2 is also suitable for the needs of air travel and cruises. Their customer support is around the clock apparently.

Weighing in at just 43 pounds, its reinforced metal alloy structure allows it to carry a weight of up to 265 pounds.

It comes standard with dual 6Ah lithium batteries for a maximum range of 16 miles. Ideal for traveling by air or cruise as the wheelchair weight (including batteries) – 47 lbs.

Forcemech Detailed Specifications:
  • Travel Distance: 8 miles / 16 miles with 2 batteries. 
  • Open dimensions (length x width x height): 35 ” x 23 ” x 35 ”.
  • Folding dimensions (length x width x height): 23 ” x 13 ” x 30 ”.
  • Seat height (from the ground) – 20 ”.
  • Armrest height (from the ground) – 30 ”.
  • Seat size (L x W) – 17 ” x 17 ”.
  • Ground clearance – 3.5 ”.
  • Wheel material – hard polyurethane.
  • Frame material – aluminum alloy.
  • Battery capacity – 6 Ah.
  • Battery type: 2 lithium-ion batteries.
  • Size of front wheels (diameter x width) – 7 ” x 1,55 ”.
  • Size of the rear wheels (diameter x width) – 9 ” x 1.85 ”.
  • Electric chair swivel radio – 35 ”.
  • Battery voltage output – DC 24V.
  • Weight of battery – 3.3 Lbs / ea.
  • Motor power – 200W.
  • The motor voltage input is DC 24V.
  • Output / current voltage – DC 24V, 2A.
  • Motor type – 2 brushless motors.
  • Controller type – removable / European dual-core standard.
  • Brake system – Intelligent electromagnetic brake.
  • Controller power supply – AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz.
  • Forcemech Voyager R2 is ultraportable, 43 lbs.
  • Weight and 23 “x 13″ x 30” folded.
  • The maximum slope is 10 degrees and maximum speed is 4 mph.


Power Wheelchair Review: Which is The Best?

Wheelchairs can significantly improve the quality of life. Buying or renting a wheelchair (if you are disabled or have a condition that affects your walking) means you can continue to do the things that you like.

This marathon in-depth power wheelchair review explains everything you need to know before you buy your next power wheelchair.mrwatergeek winner badge

Mr Water Geek ThinkingChoosing the right wheelchair will allow you to socialize and go out with friends and family. Wheelchairs can initially be divided into two main categories: manual wheelchairs (driven by the user’s own power) and electric wheelchairs. If you can afford it the better of the two is the power wheelchair range because of the ease of use.

Wheelchairs of all types are typically smaller in size than those of mobility and are generally easier to handle, allowing better access to shops and other buildings.

My favorite power wheelchair from all the one’s that I reviewed is the Foldawheel PW-1000XL.

It unfolds in 2 seconds, has the highest carrying capacity of 330 pounds and is currently on offer with 2 batteries + 2 years free warranty + free travel bag.

Also there are lots of happy customer reviews about this model and make online.

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